The Good, the Bad, and the $%#$^* Ugly

The Good


Claudia Handpaints, Color Stormy
size 1 dpns

The Bad
Well, Bad is all relative I guess. Here, "Bad" means that I can't believe I actually bought all this at once. Damn that Webs sale.

My inner monolouge is thinking 'hello tax return? How are you today???" Obviously this is not my WHOLE tax return, but if you would have told me 4 years ago this was where part of my bonus was going, I'd have called you nuts (of course at that time I was still in college, so it probably would have been spent on booze anyway...)

The $%#$^* Ugly

Last night, I stayed up late seaming all the body pieces of this thing together before deciding on the yoke. I wish I hadn't. I almost cried in the bathroom when I realized the back was sagging to my ass. This yarn (which I previously thought so highly of) is really heavy, so it is not holding shape and stretching like a mo-fo. Bastard.

I'm not sure if this is fixable. At 11pm, after all that work, I just threw it into a big heap on the groud and stomped away - I can't think about frogging this right now. I once had such high hopes for this sweater... now I am resisting the urge to chuck it off the balcony onto the annoying crow that has moved in out there.

After hiding this thing away for the time being, I decided to start fresh today (I did finish those socks, finally) so I spent my lunch hour swatching away with the Cotton Fleece for the Rosebud Tank and buying another set of size 4 needles for Aline. My dad was not amused with the swatching during sushi today for some reason. Maybe it was the two huge yarn cakes on the table? I must have really grown immune to the weird stares.

So anyway, here they are:

Sorry for the fuzzies, my camera sucks you know what. I was playing around with some options for the bottom hem - on the right is a picot edge and the left has a garter stitch row. What do you think?

1:15... time to punch in.


Christie said...

Love the Good.
Love the Bad.
I weep at the Ugly. That sucks ass. Walk away, walk away and come back to it...sometime.

I like the picot edge personally.

Chris said...

Oh, definitely the picot edge.

Bummer about the sad saggy sweater. Grrrrrr...

I had a small accident at WEBS involving Silky Wool....

Gorgeous Jays!

Nina said...

I vote for the picot edge too! And definitely a huge bummer on the Ugly...after all that work. Maybe some solution will come to you after a lil break.

emy said...

Well. Hope that the sweater will work out well for you :)

Jen said...

Definitely the picot!